Game Summary

Bears vs Original Gangsters

September 12, 2023 9:00

Game Recap:

BS vs OG

The matchup between the Bears and the Original Gangsters was a goal-laden encounter, with both teams showcasing their offensive prowess.

The first period began with the Original Gangsters taking the lead thanks to a goal from R. Emby, but the Bears quickly responded with a trio of goals, two of which came from the sensational Nick Perron, who was assisted by Brock Murray and J. Mitchell. The teams continued trading goals with the Original Gangsters finishing the period slightly ahead with a 5-4 lead.

The second period was dominated by the Bears, as they netted an impressive seven goals. The highlight of the period was the unstoppable partnership between Brock Murray and Nick Perron. Both players combined to score five of the team's seven goals in the period, effectively turning the tide in favor of the Bears. Despite a spirited effort by the Original Gangsters, who managed to score two goals in the period, the Bears emerged victorious with an 11-7 win.

On the shots front, the Bears took 37 shots on goal, with 33 from the Original Gangsters. Mike Adams of the Bears had a save percentage of 0.788, stopping 26 out of 33 shots. On the other end, debutant MC Chartrand faced a barrage of shots, saving 26 out of 37 with a save percentage of 0.703.

The three standout performers of the match were Brock Murray with a massive 4 goals and 3 assists, Renee Emby with 2 goals and 2 assists, and the debutant Nick Perron who had an outstanding game with 4 goals and 2 assists.

This game was also notable for several career milestones. MC Chartrand and Nick Perron both had significant firsts, with Chartrand playing his first CCBHL game, while Nick Perron played his first CCBHL game, scored his first goal, and recorded his first assist and point. Also noteworthy was Devin McManus achieving his 25th career CCBHL point.


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Season Notes:
Brock Murray recorded his 5th point of the season.
Nick Perron recorded his 5th point of the season.

Career Notes:
MC Chartrand recorded his first career CCBHL loss.
Devin McManus recorded his 25th career CCBHL point.
Brock Murray recorded his 175th career CCBHL point.
Nick Perron scored his first career CCBHL goal.
Nick Perron recorded his first career CCBHL assist.
Nick Perron recorded his first career CCBHL point.


Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters527
Bears - N. Perron (4), B. Murray (4), Spare, J. Mitchell, D. McManus
Original Gangsters - R. Emby (2), J. Murphy (2), S. Frewen, D. Smith, J. Malloy

Shots on Goal

Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters181533

3 Stars of the Game

  Player Stats
Brock Murray 4 Goals 3 Assists
Renee Emby 2 Goals 2 Assists
Nick Perron 4 Goals 2 Assists

Game Summary

Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
118:35OGR. Emby (1) from J. Malloy (1) 1-0 OG 
116:25BSN. Perron (1) from B. Murray (1) 1-1 
114:50OGJ. Murphy (1) from R. Emby (1) 2-1 OG 
112:29OGD. Smith (1) from S. Frewen (1) 3-1 OG 
15:50OGJ. Malloy (1) from R. Emby (2) 4-1 OG 
15:25BSN. Perron (2) from J. Mitchell (1) 4-2 OG 
13:42BSN. Perron (3) from B. Murray (2) 4-3 OG 
12:01OGR. Emby (2) from J. Murphy (1) 5-3 OG 
11:35BSSpare from D. McManus (1) 5-4 OG 
218:43BSB. Murray (1) (unassisted)5-5 
218:03BSJ. Mitchell (1) from Spare6-5 BS 
211:22BSB. Murray (2) from N. Perron (1) 7-5 BS 
29:36BSN. Perron (4) from B. Murray (3) 8-5 BS 
26:33OGJ. Murphy (2) from J. Malloy (2) 8-6 BS 
25:31BSB. Murray (3) from C. Yuen (1) 9-6 BS 
24:40OGS. Frewen (1) from S. Lemoine (1) 9-7 BS 
23:45BSD. McManus (1) from Spare10-7 BS 
20:29BSB. Murray (4) from N. Perron (2) 11-7 BS 
Period Time Team Penalty Details


Bears Stats
Brock Murray4370000
Nick Perron4260000
Devin McManus1120000
Jocelyn Mitchell1120000
Corrina Yuen0110000
Mike Adams107330.788


Original Gangsters Stats
Renee Emby2240000
Jeff Murphy2130000
Jonathan Malloy1230000
Sean Frewen1120000
Denise Smith1010000
Shawn Lemoine0110000
MC Chartrand0111370.703