Game Summary

Original Gangsters vs Bears

April 2, 2024 8:10 pm

Game Recap:

The atmosphere was electric as the Original Gangsters clashed with the Bears. The match was a true showcase of skill, teamwork, and determination, highlighting the competitive spirit of both teams.

The game began at a frenetic pace, with Josh Primeau of the Bears striking first, setting the tone for what would become a high-scoring affair. The Original Gangsters quickly responded, demonstrating their resilience and fighting spirit, but the Bears, led by the phenomenal play of Nick Perron and Josh Primeau, continued to find the back of the net.

Nick Perron, with a remarkable tally of three goals and three assists, played a pivotal role in the Bears' offensive onslaught, combining perfectly with Josh Primeau, who notched an impressive five goals. Their synergy on the floor was unmatched, propelling the Bears to a commanding lead.

Despite the Bears' dominance, the Original Gangsters showcased their tenacity, with Jonathan Malloy delivering a standout performance by scoring two goals and assisting on another. His efforts, along with contributions from his teammates, kept the Original Gangsters competitive throughout the match.

In the end, the Bears' offensive firepower proved too much, as they secured a 12-7 victory. 


Season Notes:
Renee Emby recorded her 5th point of the season.
Sean Malloy recorded his 10th point of the season.
Jonathan Malloy scored his 10th goal of the season.
Nick Perron recorded his 35th point of the season.
Josh Primeau scored his 20th goal of the season.
Josh Primeau recorded his 30th point of the season.
Jocelyn Mitchell recorded her 10th point of the season.

Career Notes:
Jonathan Malloy recorded his 25th career CCBHL assist.
Nick Perron scored his 50th career CCBHL goal.
Jocelyn Mitchell recorded her first career CCBHL game-winning goal.


Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters527
Original Gangsters - D. Smith (2), J. Malloy (2), J. Primeau, R. Emby, B. Murray
Bears - J. Primeau (4), Spare (4), N. Perron (3), J. Mitchell (3)

Shots on Goal

Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters151328

3 Stars of the Game

  Player Stats
Nick Perron 3 Goals 3 Assists 2 PIM
Josh Primeau 5 Goals 1 Assist
Jonathan Malloy 2 Goals 1 Assist

Game Summary

Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
119:00BSJ. Primeau (18) (unassisted)1-0 BS 
118:00OGJ. Primeau (1) from J. Malloy (8) 1-1 
117:00BSSpare (unassisted)2-1 BS 
116:00OGD. Smith (3) from S. Malloy (6) 2-2 
115:00OGR. Emby (3) from Spare3-2 OG 
114:00BSJ. Primeau (19) from N. Perron (17) 3-3 
113:00BSSpare from C. Yuen (7) 4-3 BS 
112:00BSN. Perron (17) from J. Primeau (12) 5-3 BS 
111:00BSSpare from Spare6-3 BS 
110:00OGJ. Malloy (9) (unassisted)6-4 BS 
19:00OGD. Smith (4) from B. Murray (9) 6-5 BS 
18:00BSN. Perron (18) (unassisted)7-5 BS 
219:00BSJ. Mitchell (6) from N. Perron (18) 8-5 BS GWG
217:00BSSpare (unassisted)9-5 BS 
215:00BSJ. Mitchell (7) from Spare10-5 BS 
213:00OGB. Murray (9) (unassisted)10-6 BS 
211:00BSJ. Primeau (20) from Spare11-6 BS 
29:00BSJ. Mitchell (8) from Spare12-6 BS 
27:00BSJ. Primeau (21) from N. Perron (19) 13-6 BS 
25:00OGJ. Malloy (10) from Spare13-7 BS 
23:00BSN. Perron (19) (unassisted)14-7 BS 
Period Time Team Penalty Details
25:48BSN. Perron: 2 minutes, high sticking
23:15OGR. Emby: 2 minutes, high sticking


Original Gangsters Stats
Jonathan Malloy2130000
Denise Smith2020000
Brock Murray1120000
Renee Emby1010002
Sean Malloy0110000
MC Chartrand0112390.692


Bears Stats
Josh Primeau5160000
Nick Perron33600012
Jocelyn Mitchell3030010
Corrina Yuen0110000
Nadeem Irfan107280.750