Game Summary

Original Gangsters vs Lights Out

March 26, 2024 8:10 pm

Game Recap:

In a match filled with anticipation and high stakes, the Lights Out and Original Gangsters faced off in a game that will be remembered for its intensity and the sheer display of talent on the gym floor.

The game started with a bang as Mark Haulena quickly found the back of the net, setting the pace for Lights Out. The team dominated the first half with an impressive ten-goal haul, showcasing their offensive prowess and leaving the Original Gangsters struggling to keep up. Mark Haulena's performance was nothing short of spectacular, scoring four goals and adding an assist to his name, proving to be a key player for his team.

Not to be overshadowed, Zach Thomas also shone brightly, contributing two goals and three assists, playing a pivotal role in his team's offensive onslaught. The synergy between him and his teammates, particularly in setting up Dan Ballem for three of his goals, was a testament to their collective strength and strategic gameplay.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the Original Gangsters showed resilience and a fighting spirit. Sean Frewen and Brock Murray both made significant contributions, scoring and assisting, in an attempt to rally their team. Mylene Frechette and Jonathan Malloy also found the net, adding to the Original Gangsters' tally and proving that they were not going down without a fight.

As the final whistle blew, the Lights Out emerged victorious, but the Original Gangsters had shown glimpses of brilliance that could not be ignored. The game was a showcase of ball hockey at its best, with players from both teams demonstrating skill, determination, and sportsmanship.

This matchup was a reminder of the incredible talent within the league and the passion that drives these athletes to perform at their best. As the season progresses, both teams will undoubtedly use this experience as a stepping stone towards achieving greater success in their upcoming matches.


Season Notes:
Zach Thomas scored his 15th goal of the season.
Zach Thomas recorded his 30th point of the season.
Nicky Soucy scored her 15th goal of the season.
Richard Tattrie recorded his 25th point of the season.
Heather Patterson recorded his 5th assist of the season.
Dan Ballem scored his 20th goal of the season.
Dan Ballem recorded his 15th assist of the season.
Dan Ballem recorded his 35th point of the season.
Mark Haulena scored his 20th goal of the season.
Mark Haulena recorded his 25th point of the season.
Mylene Frechette scored her 5th goal of the season.
Brock Murray recorded his 15th point of the season.
Jonathan Malloy recorded his 15th point of the season.

Career Notes:
MC Chartrand gave up his 200th career CCBHL goal.
Zach Thomas recorded his 25th career CCBHL assist.
Mylene Frechette recorded her 25th career CCBHL point.
Brock Murray scored his 125th career CCBHL goal.


Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters246
Lights Out10212
Original Gangsters - Spare (2), M. Frechette, S. Frewen, J. Malloy, B. Murray
Lights Out - M. Haulena (4), D. Ballem (3), Z. Thomas (2), N. Soucy, R. Tattrie, H. Patterson

Shots on Goal

Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters301545
Lights Out152237

3 Stars of the Game

  Player Stats
Mark Haulena 4 Goals 1 Assist
Zach Thomas 2 Goals 3 Assists
Mylene Frechette 1 Goal

Game Summary

Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
118:45LOM. Haulena (19) from H. Patterson (5) 1-0 LO 
117:21LOD. Ballem (20) from Z. Thomas (12) 2-0 LO 
114:43OGSpare (unassisted)2-1 LO 
112:34LOZ. Thomas (15) (unassisted)3-1 LO 
18:12LOM. Haulena (20) from R. Tattrie (12) 4-1 LO 
17:08LOM. Haulena (21) (unassisted)5-1 LO 
16:10LON. Soucy (15) from D. Ballem (15) 6-1 LO 
14:02OGJ. Malloy (8) from Spare6-2 LO 
13:21LOR. Tattrie (14) (unassisted)7-2 LO GWG
12:27LOM. Haulena (22) (unassisted)8-2 LO 
11:02LOZ. Thomas (16) from N. Soucy (14) 9-2 LO 
10:32LOD. Ballem (21) from Z. Thomas (13) 10-2 LO 
215:12OGSpare (unassisted)10-3 LO 
214:24LOD. Ballem (22) from Z. Thomas (14) 11-3 LO 
29:31OGB. Murray (8) from S. Frewen (11) 11-4 LO 
27:43LOH. Patterson (7) from M. Haulena (6) 12-4 LO 
25:36OGM. Frechette (5) (unassisted)12-5 LO 
24:21OGS. Frewen (6) from B. Murray (8) 12-6 LO 
Period Time Team Penalty Details


Original Gangsters Stats
Sean Frewen1120000
Brock Murray1120000
Mylene Frechette1010000
Jonathan Malloy1010000
Renee Emby0000000
MC Chartrand0112370.676


Lights Out Stats
Mark Haulena4150000
Zach Thomas2350000
Dan Ballem3140000
Heather Patterson1120000
Nicky Soucy1120000
Richard Tattrie1120010
Alex Paquette106450.867