Game Summary

Original Gangsters vs Bears

November 14, 2023 9:00 pm

Game Recap:

In our second game of the night, the Original Gangsters and the Bears faced off. The game was marked by a high-scoring affair, with the Bears taking a decisive victory with a score of 13-5 over the Original Gangsters.

The Bears started strong, with Noah Turgeon scoring the opening goal, assisted by Nick Perron. The Bears continued their offensive momentum with two more goals, including a power-play goal, taking the score to 4-0. However, the Original Gangsters fought back with Jeff Murphy and Jonathan Malloy scoring, assisted by each other, reducing the deficit to 4-2.

The Bears responded fiercely, with a string of goals including an unassisted game-winning goal (GWG) by Devin McManus. Turgeon and Perron continued to dominate, contributing significantly to the Bears' lead. The Original Gangsters made efforts to close the gap with goals from Andrew Stephens and two more from Jeff Murphy. However, the Bears maintained their lead, ending the game with a dominant 13-5 score.

The three stars of the game were Noah Turgeon with an impressive 5 goals and 2 assists, Jeff Murphy with 3 goals and 1 assist, and Nick Perron with 1 goal and 4 assists. These players showcased exceptional skill and were instrumental in their teams' performances.

The Bears' victory was fueled by standout performances, with Noah Turgeon leading with 7 points, followed by Nick Perron's 5 points, and Devin McManus contributing with the GWG. The Bears' goalie, Adam Al-Kadri, also played a pivotal role with a save percentage of 0.865.


Season Notes:
Jeff Murphy recorded his 20th point of the season.
Nick Perron scored his 25th goal of the season.
Nick Perron recorded his 10th assist of the season.
Nick Perron recorded his 35th point of the season.
Noah Turgeon scored his 15th goal of the season.
Noah Turgeon recorded his 20th point of the season.

Career Notes:
Jeff Murphy recorded his 50th career CCBHL point.
Devin McManus recorded his first career CCBHL game-winning goal.


Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters235
Original Gangsters - J. Murphy (3), J. Malloy, A. Stephens
Bears - Spare (6), N. Turgeon (5), D. McManus, N. Perron

Shots on Goal

Team 1 2 Total
Original Gangsters191837

3 Stars of the Game

  Player Stats
Noah Turgeon 5 Goals 2 Assists
Jeff Murphy 3 Goals 1 Assist 2 PIM
Nick Perron 1 Goal 4 Assists

Game Summary

Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
118:25BSN. Turgeon (14) from N. Perron (8) 1-0 BS 
117:50BSSpare from N. Turgeon (7) 2-0 BS 
115:22BSSpare from N. Perron (9) 3-0 BS 
113:39BSSpare from Spare4-0 BS PPG
110:00OGJ. Murphy (8) from J. Malloy (6) 4-1 BS 
18:45OGJ. Malloy (8) from J. Murphy (7) 4-2 BS 
15:15BSSpare (unassisted)5-2 BS 
14:30BSD. McManus (3) (unassisted)6-2 BS GWG
12:45BSN. Turgeon (15) (unassisted)7-2 BS 
11:50BSN. Turgeon (16) (unassisted)8-2 BS 
216:30BSN. Perron (23) from Spare9-2 BS 
216:00BSN. Turgeon (17) from N. Perron (10) 10-2 BS 
215:10OGA. Stephens (1) from S. Malloy (1) 10-3 BS 
211:20BSSpare from N. Turgeon (8) 11-3 BS 
29:00BSSpare from Spare12-3 BS 
26:30OGJ. Murphy (9) (unassisted)12-4 BS 
24:20BSN. Turgeon (18) from N. Perron (11) 13-4 BS 
21:20OGJ. Murphy (10) (unassisted)13-5 BS 
Period Time Team Penalty Details
114:27OGJ. Murphy: 2 minutes, high sticking


Original Gangsters Stats
Jeff Murphy3140008
Jonathan Malloy1120000
Andrew Stephens1010000
Sean Malloy0110000
Renee Emby0000000
Mylene Frechette0000000
Sean Frewen0000000
Denise Smith0000000
MC Chartrand0113290.552


Bears Stats
Noah Turgeon5270000
Nick Perron1450000
Devin McManus1010010
Adam Al-Kadri105370.865